Monday, October 13, 2014

Holiday History: Columbus Day

Anyone know anything about this holiday? Anyone? For most modern citizens Columbus Day is known mostly for the fact that all the banks and government offices will have an excuse to close all day. Oh, and for Christopher Columbus; the man who discovered America, right?

Well, no actually, that's wrong. Columbus never got as far north as modern American boundaries. He stayed mostly in the Caribbean and Central Americas. It was his exploits though that discovered the American Continents existed and allowed for further exploration of the Northern Continent at a later date. Therefore, Columbus Day is named for the man that allowed for the future colonization of modern day America by explorers following in his wake. To put it nicely.

video made by: Choice and Truth

For a great History lesson by the History Channel, check out the link below: 
(Really you should check out the link. Their video is much better than mine)

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