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I bet you never thought that Raising Agents and Baking could be Interesting!

Recipe for Flat Bread included.

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The rich diet of nomadic early man began to be supplemented with the wild grains, fruits, and vegetables, readily available in their locality. Wild yeasts added rise to stone ground grains to give bread, albeit a slightly raised flat bread. As nomadic man began to settle and farm, ingenuity produced better results: Yeast skimmed from fermenting beer, or a small amount of uncooked dough kept over from the previous day. These not only added some ‘lift’, but also increased flavour. The sourdough process in vogue today is a good analogy.

Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana, USA (2/3)

A Visit to the Deep South: Louisiana Sugar Plantation,Oak Alley

Main House (article 2 of 3)

The main house was built for the Roman owners from 1837 to 1839 and took nearly three years to complete. It was a gift from Jacques Telesphore Roman to his bride Celina, although it is rumored to have been designed by Celina's own father, Gilbert Joseph Pilie. Constructed mainly by slave labor, the building materials were mostly found on the plantation grounds, although finishing touches were imported from other places in the United States and Europe-most likely France at the time. It was for Celina that the back oak alley was planted so that she would feel that her new country life on the plantation could be just as grand as what she was used to from living in her father's house in New Orleans.
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Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, Louisiana USA (1/3)

A Visit to the Deep South:
Louisiana Sugar Plantation, Oak Alley 
Grounds and Farm (article 1 of 3)
Sugar cane was a major income for the plantation, though the grounds were not very extensive compared to larger plantations up and down the Mississippi River. If you look around on your drive up to the plantation you can still see fields of sugar cane today, the wet Mississippi area is perfect for the crop.

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Terra Damnata, Book One of the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Series by Monique Finley

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Terra Damnata, Book One of the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Series by Monique Finley
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Travel: Hamburg, Germany. Rathaus Markt

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Travel: Hamburg, Germany. Rathaus Markt
Travel to the cultural and historical city of Hamburg, Germany.
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